Denied Cancer Treatment?
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Cancer patients and survivors are among those at higher risk of serious illness from an infection because their immune systems are often weakened. For information related to cancer patients:
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My Cancer Guide
Campaigning for Cancer is currently working on a Portal that will be utilized as a tool to navigate patients, loved ones and caregivers to adequate information that will assist them through their cancer journey.
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Join our Lung Cancer discussion panel and share your story.

We are looking to engage South African based patients, loved ones and caregivers to participate in the discussion. Specifically, patients diagnosed with Lung Cancer, including a mix of both private and publicly treated patients who have responded to the first line of therapy or/and received surgery as well as those who relapsed or were refractory to treatment, both male and female.


Patient Navigation

Being diagnosed with cancer is very overwhelming for a patient and their loved ones. Learn more about our patient navigation services.

Think tank

Think Tank is a system we use to engage in public policy research and analysis, learn more about how C4C utilises Think Tank.

community engagement

Enabling survivors and those affected by cancer to become advocates and educate others by using their stories to help others.

Vuka khuluma

Vuka Khuluma in support of the Childhood Cancer Foundation is a joint project which seeks to increase the number of cancer and life-threatening blood disorders diagnoses in children between 0 to 16 years.

Patient Advisory Board

The Patient Advisory Board is a group of patients, sometimes with a particular condition who come together regularly to provide insights and input that helps healthcare providers.

Awareness & Education MARERIAL

Enable all South Africans to inform and educate each other on the challenges and social barriers that cancer patients and their loved ones face.



There are a number of ways for you to get involved with Campaigning for Cancer, ranging from a monthly donation to a once-off contribution.


We rely on volunteers who are committed to our mission and ensure that our resources are dedicated to helping people affected by cancer. 


Let us join hands and help those affected by cancer. Together we can do it. Learn more about how you can partner with C4C.


Let's join hands to make a difference.

Campaigning for Cancer is calling all cancer related groups to help cancer patients get more information quickly and reliably by listing your group's details on our portal.