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What we do

Information Access and Dissemination Program

Campaigning for Cancer Information Access and Dissemination Program focuses on the key stakeholders including patients and those affected by cancer, and cancer focused NGOs, private funders, the medical fraternity, professional associations, pharmaceutical companies, media and government representatives. The program provides the audience access to credible and reliable information regarding all facets of the disease. The goal – to create an informed healthcare consumer and develop relationships between stakeholders that facilitate mutual understanding of each others needs and constraints.

Advocacy Program

Campaigning for Cancer’s Advocacy Program targets individuals already diagnosed with the disease, their affected families and medical practitioners with regards to access to treatment. The objective – to inform the client as to how to manage their liberties and gain the best results for themselves, resulting in responsible and proactive healthcare consumers; and enable the medical practitioner to provide his/her patient with up to date and relevant information that will aid the patient in exercising their rights.

The program also focuses on policy development, targeting policy making entities that affect legislation and healthcare delivery for cancer. The objective of this program is to ensure that the patient is consulted and their views considered in all decision making processes that affect them, thereby increasing the numbers of patients actively participating in decision making platforms.

We achieve this by acknowledging and highlighting issues, ensuring that patients are heard by commenting on issues, reporting and educating on priority issues and by being continuously visible to the public through the media and other role players.

Advocate Development Program

Campaigning for Cancer Advocate Development Program operates on two levels.

  • On an individual patient level, the organisation focus on those patients who wish to change their own situation through their own actions by giving them a step-by-step guide to navigate the South African cancer landscape.
  • On a larger scale, Campaigning for Cancer hopes to empower all South Africans through this program by lobbying for reform and increasing community awareness of cancer-related issues such as its burden on society, the state of health/cancer care in South Africa and informing South Africans on challenging institutional and social barriers that impede the cancer patient.