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Awareness & Education Material

Enable all South Africans to inform and educate each other on the challenges and social barriers that cancer patients face; ultimately to erase any myths and stigmas regarding cancer and those affected by the disease. We achieve this by creating a group of concerned South Africans who encourage patients to tell their stories, spreading the word about early cancer diagnosis and community support for cancer patients. You can help by signing petitions, being cancer advocates and volunteering to help us in the fight against cancer. We can support you with tools to do this in the form of education materials.

Campaigning for Cancer develops and distributes open-source (free), easy-to-understand material that is easily accessible. It covers the signs and symptoms of cancer, prevention of cancer and disease information. The goal is to ensure that the South African public and those diagnosed with cancer have access to credible and reliable information, both preventative and treatment-based, while promoting and protecting the rights of patients and those affected by cancer.

We believe that by providing education material that is packaged and easy to understand, we can help smaller organisations, both locally and regionally, to drive key messages around a particular theme or disease.

Community organisations can access the education material by emailing Campaigning for Cancer at or connecting via social media on the handle @campaign4cancer.