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Campaigning for Cancer is able to carry on its work supporting patients with advocacy issues thanks to the support of generous donations and partnerships. There are a number of ways for you to get involved with Campaigning for Cancer, ranging from a monthly donation to a once-off contribution. Companies are invited to join our planned giving programme, to have an event on our behalf or link their product with our brand, for added value.


Cancer is the great equaliser of our time. It knows no boundaries of class, race, gender, sex or age. It can strike anyone at any time. This is the reason Campaigning for Cancer works every day to help patients navigate the problems they face during their cancer journey, making sure it is as problem-free and well-informed as possible.

Sponsor a patient’s fight to access the treatment they need:

When a person is diagnosed with cancer they are often overwhelmed. Now add to this the fact that they may be denied access to even the most basic treatment. The truth is that patients often don’t have the knowledge or strength to fight the system by themselves.

Case managers help each patient solve their problem and make sure that they get help and access to their cancer treatment. Whether it’s broken radiation machines at state hospitals, or a medical aid that has refused to fund a patient’s treatment, Campaigning for Cancer will help patients and their families get the answers they need.

It costs us on average R 4500.00 to help each patient, a cost that we tirelessly work on raising each year.

If you, or even you and a group of your friends, would like to contribute to a patient’s fight to access the treatment they need, if you would like to sponsor a case for a patient to access treatment, please go to Back a Buddy website to donate.