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Payroll Giving

Thank you for the interest in our organisation!

Payroll Giving is an easy and effective way for your employees to give money to the fight against cancer. An agreed amount is deducted from an employee’s salary or cellular phone account and sent directly to Campaigning for Cancer. Payroll Giving focuses on the quantity of participants in total, rather than the explicit rand value per donor, so each of your staff members can choose how much they wish to contribute.

It is easy for employers to set up and run, and an excellent way to show your support for employees who wish to embark on charitable giving. Every individual’s small contribution assists us in raising funds to continue providing our services to cancer patients and their families. Payroll Giving can also enhance the overall charitable giving of your business with little effort and low or no cost to you.

To further discuss how you and your employees can benefit from our Payroll Giving Programme, please contact us on