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Program focus

Our goal is to ensure that credible and reliable information regarding all facets of this disease and a patient’s journey through it are readily available and inform the patient and the general public. As a result the following Programme Areas have been outlined as Campaigning for Cancer’s focus for the next 5 years:

Patient Navigation

The right information, support, treatment and care, at the right time, with no barriers.

We act as a navigator in the cancer journey of each South African affected by cancer, informing patients and their caregivers of their rights, and helping them gain the best results by exercising those rights. Ultimately, we are creating an informed and empowered healthcare consumer and cancer patient who is able to communicate their needs, activate their rights and liberties and understand the constraints of stakeholders.

As we navigate, Campaigning for Cancer, within this programme, develops projects and resources that guide patients in accessing:

  • Education materials about their disease
  • Guidance on accessing reputable online information
  • Supportive information about their treatment and care
  • Referral networks to emotional support groups
  • Case management services for patients denied access to treatment and care

Our aim is to ensure that all South Africans are informed and educated about cancer and their rights and responsibilities as patients throughout their cancer journey. This enables the cancer patient to make informed decisions.

Think Tank

Incorporating the patient’s voice into stakeholder strategies to provide a better standard of care

Projects that fall under the Think Tank Programme will target policy-making entities that affect legislation, regulation and healthcare costs and delivery.

The Think Tank will effect change in legislation, regulation and policies that will ensure that the rights of cancer patients are respected and protected. It will also ensure that healthcare consumer’s views are considered in decision-making processes.

Our Think Tank creates:

  • a unique platform for patients/carers to provide their invaluable perspective about their journey, and to ultimately better serve all patients.
  • increased dialogue between the health sector and stakeholders to explore innovative solutions and make cancer data and registries a priority for efficient data collection and reporting.
  • Networks of international and local patient advocacy leaders that will allow Campaigning for Cancer access to resources to build our understanding and knowledge, share best practices, exchange ideas and consolidate the role we can play as cancer advocates.

Campaigning for Cancer will highlight issues, ensuring that patients are heard by commenting on issues, reporting and educating on priority issues and by being continuously visible to the public through media and commentary platforms.

Vuka khuluma - Community Engagement

The truth about cancer. For everyone.

Vuka Khuluma debunks the myths and addressed the stigmas relating to cancer. Before some South Africans can even begin to fight their disease, they have to fight some dangerous myths and misconceptions of the causes and treatments of cancer.

There is a need for individuals and communities to AWAKE and SPEAK about the tragedy of a diagnosis that comes too late.

Through engaging with our communities we provide credible, reliable and easy-to-understand information. Our educational campaigns are cancer-specific and empower South Africans to know the characteristics of a cancer through signs, symptoms and early detection..

To learn more about the specific projects that link with these programme areas click here.