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The Patient Advocate Incubator

Search for training and capacity building in the NPO field, and you’ll find a lot on offer. However, few provide training that prioritises relevance, adaptability, sustainability, and usability to the needs of patient advocates and peer group organisations.
Campaigning for Cancer identified a need for a platform that could specifically improve on current training and capacity-building programs, resources, and tools, by developing a program that delivers practical outcomes with facilitators, presenters, and materials combined to offer products tailored to all needs.
The Patient Advocate Incubator is an on-demand learning platform that provides tools for patient advocates in the Middle East and Africa, to develop sustainable advocacy around patients’ needs and the needs of their individual organizations, in conjunction with key policy and decision-makers.
The incubator is a flexible learning platform with facilitators and subject-matter experts pertinent to the advocate’s business needs, market, and region (for example, with the appropriate language, learning methods and timing, taking into account the existing knowledge base of the advocate, network opportunities and mentoring).
Modules include knowledge-sharing sessions for developing knowledge and skills, peer discussions and group work, and theory-on-demand learning relevant to the advocates and the environment they work in.
Learners completing a session will receive a certificate of attendance, while those completing the module will receive a “certificate of completion” and a completed tangible work product.



We are proud to announce the launch of our new course Building a Strategy in 5 Steps – Module 1 hosted on the Patient Advocate Incubator (PAI) platform.
The module is designed for you to create your own strategic plan or assess and adapt an existing strategic implementation plan.
Module 1, with its 4 Sections, addresses the principles and practical development of a strategy for a non-profit organisation and the principles of programme development, its planning, monitoring and evaluation.
This will be facilitated by four theoretical on-demand self-study Sections:
Module 1: Building a Strategy in 5 Steps
  • Section 1: Principles of Strategy
  • Section 2: Process for developing a strategy
  • Section 3: Principles of program planning and development
  • Section 4: Program monitoring and evaluation
Remember, these modules are free!
If you or one of your colleagues are interested in signing up to take part in the training strategy-building modules, click here: