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Values and Principles


Campaigning for Cancer will promote and fight for principles contained in the Campaigning for Cancer Patient Charter, developed by delegates at the Campaigning for Cancer Stakeholder Conference in 2007. This Patient Charter forms the blueprint in our efforts to understand the needs of patients and lobby for healthcare improvements.

The Charter calls for the following principles to be upheld for all South Africans affected by cancer:

  • Development of an effective and efficient means of involving relevant stakeholders in the form of input, decision-making and assuming responsibility, resulting in the acceptance of ownership for the processes and results thereof.
  • All people in South Africa are entitled to knowledge and appropriate information in their mother tongue regarding cancer, risk factors, and how cancer may best be prevented, identified and treated.
  • All patients are entitled to the provision of equitable and accessible services that will address the needs of patients, on physical, social, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • All patients are entitled to have access to the best available, clinically appropriate treatment, based on accurate diagnosis, stage of disease and current evidence-based medicine, in a suitably equipped facility, within a reasonable time frame.
  • All patients are entitled to the best available and reasonable form of palliative relief from pain and suffering.
  • All patients are entitled to a progressive and reasonable national effort to devote resources to support them from diagnosis, through treatment, to palliation.
  • All patients are entitled to a work environment free from discrimination and for reasonable accommodation of their disability in the workplace.
  • All patients are entitled to have their dignity and wishes respected.


Campaigning for Cancer is a national association incorporated under section 21 of the Companies Act of the Republic of South Africa 1974 , representing those diagnosed with cancer and their families. The full-time advocacy efforts of Campaigning for Cancer are therefore supported by individuals, volunteer members and private sector donors, including pharmaceutical sector and other corporate sponsors. Supporting the vision, mission, and values of Campaigning for Cancer, and service to our constituents, is at the core of these endeavors.

Campaigning for Cancer will maintain public trust and confidence by careful consideration of the risks and benefits of all funding relationships. The organization will assure accountability and transparency of all funding arrangements, Campaigning for Cancer will be pleased to disclose publicly any responsibilities to any donors or partners.

The following policy was developed to help guide and more clearly define our corporate partnerships.

  • Campaigning for Cancer will not endorse, in any of its materials, literature or events, any specific product or product name. Written materials produced by Campaigning for Cancer may list the corporation’s name but may not, under any circumstances, provide endorsement of a specific product, treatment or protocol.
  • While Campaigning for Cancer may seek input from time to time from its corporate sponsors, Campaigning for Cancer maintains final approval and copyright over all programme and material development and speaker selection.
  • All materials and programmes developed by Campaigning for Cancer are the property of Campaigning for Cancer and must carry the Campaigning for Cancer copyright, and as such, cannot be changed, modified or duplicated without prior written permission from Campaigning for Cancer.
  • All speakers at Campaigning for Cancer programmes will be required to disclose their relationship with the corporate sponsor.
  • Campaigning for Cancer will not, under any circumstances, accept contributions from corporations contingent on any public policy position and/or public policy activity.
  • Campaigning for Cancer maintains total independence and ultimate authority over its policy-making activities separate and apart from any corporate partnership.
  • Campaigning for Cancer reserves the right to sever any corporate partnership with, and return contributions from, an entity that participates in public policy activities that Campaigning for Cancer finds offensive or that are in significant conflict with Campaigning for Cancer public policy activities and/or positions.
  • Any corporate partner wishing to reference Campaigning for Cancer or any Campaigning for Cancer project, publication or position must first seek the prior review and written approval of Campaigning for Cancer.
  • Campaigning for Cancer will not sell or release its mailing and/or email list to its corporate partners.

For information on sponsorship and funding opportunities, please contact Campaigning for Cancer at or click here.


The goals of Campaigning for Cancer are better accomplished through collaboration and alliances with other organizations. Such partnerships will leverage Campaigning for Cancer’s resources to help develop, produce and implement Campaigning for Cancer mission-related programmes, materials, and activities and increase the overall capacity of Campaigning for Cancer to fulfil its mission.

Collaborative relationships must:

  • Provide a demonstrable benefit to people with cancer.
  • Demonstrate accountability and transparency about the way in which collaborative efforts will be undertaken.
  • Have clearly identified goals and objectives that are compatible with Campaigning for Cancer’s mission.
  • Assure that Campaigning for Cancer maintains final control over all editorial content, design and dissemination of information or educational products and services.
  • Bring a strong commitment to the success of the organisation through agreement on the terms and conditions.

These guidelines are developed and unanimously supported by the board of directors of Campaigning for Cancer.

If you have any questions about our Sponsor Policy, please contact us at