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The Board of Campaigning for Cancer supports and applies the principles of discipline, transparency, independence and accountability, which form the foundation of good corporate governance.

In line with the King Report IV on Corporate Governance, the Board of Directors ensures that the policies of Campaigning for Cancer comply with accepted standards of proper and correct behavior; that the interests of the organisation are placed first and that conflicts of interest are avoided and where such conflicts are unavoidable, such conflicts are appropriately managed, that the organisation’s Board of Directors is responsible for its functioning; and that members have the right to question and receive information regarding the performance and management of Campaigning for Cancer and its assets.

The Board of Directors is the ultimate governing body of Campaigning for Cancer under the leadership of its elected Chairperson. The Board is responsible for the performance and overall management of Campaigning for Cancer.

Implementing the strategic vision of the organisation, the Board delegates its authority in certain respects to the Chief Executive Officer to act for and on behalf of Campaigning for Cancer, while retaining the following important functions:

  • approving overall policy and strategy to realise Campaigning for Cancer’s vision and objectives;
  • receiving and adopting the financial statements of the organisation;
  • passing resolutions at meetings of the Board; and
  • approving all senior executive management appointments and remuneration.


The Board of Directors and Executive Management of Campaigning for Cancer will be aided by an invited, voluntary Healthcare Professionals and Subject Matter Expert Advisory Board.

While the Board of Directors will be responsible for the strategic, financial and governance focus of the organisation, issues that may arise from time to time outside the scope of the board’s knowledge will be referred for comment to these advisory boards for comment and advisement.