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My Cancer Guide

This project was created by Campaigning for Cancer to assist cancer patients with their journey. My Cancer Guide provides cancer patients access to credible and reliable information about their disease and their cancer journey.

The platform will empower patients and those affected by cancer to manage their rights and responsibilities by providing tools and points of referral across the cancer landscape, to aid them at the point of diagnosis and during treatment.

The overarching goal of this programme is to create informed patients, survivors and citizens who have access to the resources they require, ensuring improved outcomes and caring for cancer in the country and internationally.

On an individual level, the programme is focused on giving cancer patients access to the latest credible information about their disease and treatment, and educating them during their cancer journey, providing resources, support and referral so that they may become personally responsible for understanding their cancer. It ensures that they gain access to the best and most innovative cancer treatment and support, whether they are private or public patients.